What is Uniswap v2 token?

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Uniswap V2 is the newest iteration of the Uniswap protocol, a decentralized exchange based on pools of tokens from liquidity providers. Argent's integration helps you to earn fees, as well as Uniswap's UNI tokens, for becoming one of those liquidity providers, depending on the pool.

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Apart from this, what is a token symbol?

The symbol of the token contract is the symbol by which the token contract should be known, for example “MYT”. It is broadly equivalent to a stock ticker, and although it has no restriction on its size it is usually 3 or 4 characters in length.

Into the bargain, how do I find my token contract address? To find out what this address is, we recommend looking at the token's website for more information or going on https://etherscan.io/tokens and searching directly for the name of your token! Some popular token contract addresses are listed here. We highly recommend double-checking these addresses on your own!

One may also ask, does Uniswap have a token?

Uniswap is a decentralized protocol that doesn't have a native token. All fees go to liquidity providers, and none of the founders get a cut from the trades that happen through the protocol. Currently, the transaction fee paid out to liquidity providers is 0.3% per trade.

How do I get my Uniswap list token?

Listing your ERC-20 token on UniSwap

  • Go to https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap. ...
  • Connect you MetaMask wallet. ...
  • Click on 'Pool' tab in the up right corner. ...
  • Click on 'Add Liquidity' ...
  • Click on 'Select a token' button. ...
  • Paste your token's contract address to 'Search name or address' field, and select it from a dropdown.
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    How do I add a custom token to Mew?

    How to Add a Custom Token on MEW web
  • Access your wallet.
  • Head to Etherscan.
  • Find your token in the token balances dropdown. Select the token to be taken to a token information screen.
  • Here, you will find the token's contract address and decimal count to the right of the interface. ...
  • Copy this address to your clipboard, and head back to MEW.
  • What is a custom token?

    Custom tokens give you complete control over the authentication process. You generate these tokens on your server, pass them back to a client device, and then call signInWithCustomToken() to sign in users. You can create custom tokens with the Identity Platform Admin SDK, or use a third-party JWT library.