Is VeChain a good investment?

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I mean, this reddit is the 3rd most popular crypto reddit, so that's evidence that there is a large community behind VeChain and it is NOT a secret as many in the space are fully aware that VeChain is very legitimate investment and its huge potential; yet if you look at our market cap (0.5%) and price (0.014c) we are " ...

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Nevertheless, should I buy vet or VTHO?

VTHO is designed to get its value solely from use, and not speculation. You're far better off buying VET (which should rise in value if VTHO does) than VTHO. And VET is designed to distribute Vtho. That's the only benefit for holding vet.

As a result, what could VeChain be worth? CoinSwitch. CoinSwitch estimates that VeChain value could reach as high as $0.1, making it the highest estimate and forecast from any other expert in the field.6 days ago

Add on, is VeChain built on ethereum?

VeChain Thor is a dual-token, blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform originally built on the Ethereum smart contract network to service enterprise users. Its mainnet launched J. VeChain focuses primarily on the supply chain, and on delivering Internet of Things solutions.

How much VTHO do vets give?

VTHO generation rate: Each VET generates 0.000432 VTHO per day. This is the basic generation rate, which can be increased in the future but can never decrease. Notes: Some exchanges (like Binance and OceanEx) payout VeThor if you hold VeChain in your exchange wallet.

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How do vets sell VTHO?

VTHO. exchange
  • Select VET or any VIP180 token in your VeChain mobile wallet and press transfer.
  • Open the QR code scanner (top right corner) and scan the QR code to the right.
  • Enter the amount you would like to swap (must be higher than minimum) and complete the transaction.
  • How does VeChain make money?

    How does Vechain make money if the token holders are generating the Thor to sell? They also generate and sell Thor. They take fees from the Vechain Thor exchange companies will use. They sell Vechain nfc tags, etc.

    Why is VeChain rising?

    Currently, the VeChain price is rising with a slow momentum but as the network advances its use of blockchain as a service to industries all around the globe by integration Internet of Things (IoT) into the supply chain management process, VET could revolutionize a lot of business-level transactions through ...

    What companies use VeChain?

    IBM, Ford, Dell, Cisco and 3M are some of its largest clients, with PwC providing its auditing services to 400+ out of the Fortune 500 companies. PwC will offer VeChain's blockchain powered solutions to its big client base, providing its clients with improved product verification and traceability.

    What is VeChain Thor?

    VeChain Thor is a startup project for a blockchain-based decentralized application platform designed to improve shipping and manufacturing practices.

    Is VeChain a Cryptocurrency?

    VeChain Token (VET) VET is the cryptocurrency that you would invest in on an exchange. ... This token can transfer value across the blockchain and trigger smart contracts. It is also how users pay for transactions on Dapps that function on the VeChain blockchain.

    Can you buy VeChain on Kraken?

    Unfortunately, there are not that many places to buy VeChain with fiat. Neither Coinbase or Kraken, two of the more popular centralized exchanges, support VeChain.