Is chainlink worth investing in?

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Chainlink, however has so much in the pipeline that at the current price and MC, it is not only a safe investment, but is almost guaranteed to bring strong returns.

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On the other hand, what is chainlink used for?

Their primary use is supplying reliable data from on-chain and off-chain sources to the fast growing dApps market. Such data can include market price feeds, financial data, data from the IoT devices, etc. Chainlink also hopes to facilitate the connection between blockchains and payment systems, such as SWIFT or PayPal.

On top of everything, why is chainlink popular? A robust, preferably decentralized feed is essential to the prosperity and security of most DeFi apps. The lack of such feeds has led to a number of well-documented debacles. Since Chainlink is the best-known player in this space, it stands to win the most from the growth of the DeFi space.

Into the bargain, is chainlink secure?

The Chainlink Solution: A Highly Reliable Decentralized Oracle Network. "Chainlink's decentralized oracle network provides the same security guarantees as smart contracts themselves.

Who is behind chainlink?

Sergey Nazarov

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Is chainlink profitable?

The world's fastest-growing crypto asset, Chainlink (LINK), is in the news again following a positive rally. This had made it the ninth most valuable crypto asset by market capitalization value of $3.35 billion. ...

How do I invest in chainlink?

How to buy Chainlink on Coinbase
  • At the top of the Coinbase page click on β€œPortfolio”
  • Find and click on β€œChainlink”
  • Click β€œBuy Chainlink”
  • Select how much Chainlink you want to buy and what your preferred payment method is.
  • Click buy.
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