How long does it take for electrum to confirm?

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Wait for it to confirm first. Blocks are added to the chain on average every 10 minutes. You generally don't have to do anything for your transaction to confirm except wait. You don't have to leave Electrum or even your computer running.

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Anyway, what is the latest version of electrum?


In spite of, what does electrum look like? Electrum is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver, with trace amounts of copper and other metals. ... Its colour ranges from pale to bright yellow, depending on the proportions of gold and silver. It has been produced artificially, and is also known as "green gold".

At any rate, how do I transfer Bitcoin from electrum to Coinbase?

Open up Electrum and click on the tab labeled "Receive". You can pick any address that is listed there under Main Account > Receiving. Pick one, copy it and paste it in the Coinbase form that asks for an email address or bitcoin address. From there just complete the form and hit send.

What is electrum Bitcoin?

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin client, based on a client-server protocol. It was released on Novem.

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How do I set up electrum?

How do I get Bitcoin with electrum?

Receiving Bitcoin with Electrum Wallet
  • Click the β€œReceive” tab on the main Electrum window.
  • Next to the β€œReceiving Address” label, you will see a string of characters (under the red box above). ...
  • Paste the public key to where you are sending the Bitcoin.
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