How do I find my token address?

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To find out what this address is, we recommend looking at the token's website for more information or going on and searching directly for the name of your token! Some popular token contract addresses are listed here. We highly recommend double-checking these addresses on your own!

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Along, how do you UnStake LP tokens?

How to unstake LP token from LuaSwap. At any point, you can harvest your LUA , get your LP tokens, and take them back to Uniswap. Go to and choose the field that you have staked your LP token, then click UnStake.

Furthermore there, what is LP token in Uniswap? With each liquidity providing transaction, you will automatically receive Uniswap liquidity provider (LP) tokens. These tokens track your contribution to the pool and are used for distributing your share of the transaction fees accumulated in the time period that you provide liquidity for.

Wherefore, how do I get Uniswap?

How to Claim your Uniswap Tokens

  • Go to the Uniswap Dapp Interface. As always, double-check the url to ensure you're in the correct website.
  • Connect your Web3 Wallet. Typically, most people would use Metamask. ...
  • Claim your UNI Tokens. If your address is eligible for the claim, you should receive a prompt on the Uniswap Interface to claim the tokens.
  • What is LP token?

    Balancer LP tokens are similar to shares in an index fund. They are primarily useful for automatically maintaining a portfolio of a certain weight. But because assets held in these pools are also available for trading on the Balancer DEX, LP tokens are also useful as proofs of liquidity.

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    What are v2 tokens?

    What is Uniswap? Uniswap V2 is the newest iteration of the Uniswap protocol, a decentralized exchange based on pools of tokens from liquidity providers. Argent's integration helps you to earn fees, as well as Uniswap's UNI tokens, for becoming one of those liquidity providers, depending on the pool.

    How do I add tokens to Mew?

    How to Add a Custom Token on MEW web
  • Access your wallet.
  • Head to Etherscan.
  • Find your token in the token balances dropdown. Select the token to be taken to a token information screen.
  • Here, you will find the token's contract address and decimal count to the right of the interface. ...
  • Copy this address to your clipboard, and head back to MEW.
  • How do I claim Uniswap rewards?