Does ethereum have an upper limit?

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Unlike Bitcoin which has its supply capped at 21 million, Ethereum has opted not to set an upper limit on its total coin supply. ... โ€œI recommend setting [a maximum supply of 120 million], or exactly [twice] the amount of ETH sold in the original Ether sale.โ€

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On top of that, does litecoin have a cap?

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin also has a supply limit. Litecoin has four times the supply of Bitcoin. Since Bitcoins supply is capped at 21 million, this means that Litecoin has a supply limit of 84 million coins.

Although, can you store Bitcoin in your brain? A brainwallet refers to the concept of storing Bitcoins in one's own mind by memorizing a seed phrase. If the seed is not recorded anywhere, the Bitcoins can be thought of as being held only in the mind of the owner. ... To create a brainwallet, use Bitcoin wallet software to generate a seed phrase and then memorize it.

However, who is the founder of litecoin?

founder Charlie Lee

Who Owns bit coin? was originally registered and owned by Bitcoin's first two developers, Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi.

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How much litecoin did Charlie sell?

The creator of $17 billion cryptocurrency litecoin has sold his entire stake. Litecoin founder Charlie Lee said in Reddit post he has sold his entire holding of the cryptocurrency.

Why did Charlie Lee sell litecoin?

Lee explained in a post on Reddit that he is selling all of his LTC coins โ€” bar a number of physical coins he keeps as collectibles โ€” to avoid the conflict of interest that comes with his influence and position as LTC founder.

When did Charlie Lee sell litecoin?

December 20

What started litecoin?

Having started the year at a tick under $4, Litecoin defied expectations and rose to a high of $375 in December 2017. This growth in price was unlikely to ever be sustainable. The money flowing into the cryptocurrency markets from retail investors created another bubble and many newcomers FOMO'd into the scene.