Can you get scammed on eBay motors?

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Recently, sellers have been sending fake invoices that appear to come from eBay Motors and demanding payment in eBay gift cards. If you call the number on the invoice, the scammer pretends to work for eBay Motors. Trusting buyers have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past year alone.

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At least, is eBay Motor Services Safe?

While eBay Motors is a safe place to purchase a vehicle, it is a good idea to perform research on both the car and the seller. This can be challenging if you don't know how to get started. The good news is, they do most of the work for you.

Beyond that, will eBay Motors email you? Answers (23) eBay does not "handle" transactions or deliver vehicles, or send "protection order" emails, or ask that you pay by gift card. Only scammers do that.

In any event, how can you tell if an eBay seller is legit?

Generally, look for sellers that have a higher number of feedback ratings. If you're looking at a product and the seller has 300 feedback ratings and a positive feedback score of 98%, it indicates a very reputable seller. You don't have to investigate this seller further.

Can I get my money back if I get scammed on eBay?

eBay Money Back Guarantee means you're protected if the item you ordered didn't arrive, is faulty or damaged, or doesn't match the listing. You'll get your money back. For all the details of how the eBay Money Back Guarantee works, please see our full policy guidelines below.

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How can I avoid being scammed on eBay?

Does eBay hold and ship cars?

No, eBay does not ship cars. ... Occasionally, eBay dealerships may offer free shipping. It is important to note that if a private seller states they provide free shipping, they are most likely attempting to scam you.

Is eBay buyer protection program real?

eBay's Vehicle Purchase Protection covers only certain vehicle transactions that are completed ON If a Craigslist or non-eBay seller 'promises' you the eBay protection plan, this is fraud and you should walk away. ... Vehicles advertised well below what it is worth may be tempting, but should be a red flag.

How can you tell a fake eBay email?

If you're suspicious about an email that claims to be from eBay, sign in to My eBay and click the Messages tab. If you don't see the same message there, the email is fake. To report a fake email, forward it as an attachment to [email protected]

Is there such thing as an eBay warehouse?

eBay does NOT have a warehouse anywhere. There are no warehouses because eBay NEVER SELLS ANYTHING. ... There is no such thing as an eBay escrow service, and eBay agent, or anyone to hold your money. No legitimate seller will offer to ship you a car and give a 10 day inspection period.

Can I speak to someone at eBay?

You can contact eBay customer support on the phone at 1-866-961-9253 or for tech support at 1-866-961-9253. You can also reach eBay customer support through live chat or email on their main Help site, although these features are not always available.

Should I buy from eBay seller with no feedback?

Having no feedback doesn't necessarily make a seller new as a lot of buyers don't leave feedback. ... If there is any problem or concern, contact the seller first. If no response or unwilling to address your concern, file a case against them. Most new sellers are great because they are eager to do a great job.

Does eBay sell fake stuff?

Counterfeit products are illegal and not allowed on eBay. Examples include: Fakes, copies, or replicas of brand name items (for example, a shoe with the Nike name or logo that wasn't made by Nike)

Can you make a living selling on eBay?

If you want to start making (more) money at home quickly, with little to no investment, selling on eBay more effectively is a viable option. Existing sellers will already be aware that there are many advantages to selling with eBay: It's fast. You can create an auction today, and get paid for your item within a week.

Can eBay force a refund?

Yes, when a Buyer requests a refund within reasons that fall under the Buyer's Protection Program. EBay will mediate the process and can freeze the funds related to the transaction. Yes. If eBay decides in favor of a Buyer, they will take the refund from your preferred payment method - usually PayPal.

Is it better to sell on eBay or Amazon?

On average, eBay sellers retain more profit than those on Amazon. A flat fee of $0.30 is inclusive for insertion fees and final value fee includes 10% of the sale for most product categories as against 15% on Amazon.

Can you get scammed on PayPal?

PayPal has a reputation for safety and security, which makes them the first choice for many ecommerce businesses who need to have a way to accept online payments. Unfortunately, fraud and criminal activities do still occur on PayPal.

How do you avoid getting scammed?

Protect yourself
  • Be alert to the fact that scams exist. ...
  • Know who you're dealing with. ...
  • Do not open suspicious texts, pop-up windows or click on links or attachments in emails – delete them: If unsure, verify the identity of the contact through an independent source such as a phone book or online search.
  • How does buying a car through eBay work?

    Buying a new vehicle on eBay Motors
  • select the make and model you want.
  • choose whatever options you'd like.
  • secure a low, no-haggle price for the vehicle you want.
  • select a local dealer to buy the vehicle from.
  • contact the dealer to arrange pickup and payment details.
  • Are eBay cards safe?

    To make sure your eBay Gift Card codes are safe from scammers, follow these tips: ... Never give or send your eBay Gift Card code to anyone outside of checkout. That's a scam. Your eBay Gift Card can only be redeemed at checkout on

    How long is eBay buyer protection?

    30 days

    What is Buyer Protection on eBay?

    If you bought something on eBay but didn't receive it or you received something that's significantly not as described, eBay Buyer Protection can help. eBay Buyer Protection covers eligible transactions for the full purchase price plus original shipping charges.